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Multi Skills Assessors Guild (MSAG)
A consortium of experienced professionals from the skills domain are empanelled as the official “Assessment Body” of DGE & T, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, for conducting assessments pan India of vocational skills of candidates being trained by Vocational Training Providers (VTPs) and Direct Candidates under the Modular Employable Scheme (MES).
MSAG has an experienced team of assessors in large number of skill sectors.MSAG has been conducting assessments over a period of time and has well tested “Standing Operating Procedures,” to ensure that the assessments are carried out in an efficient, fair and credible manner as per the norms laid down by DGE&T.
MSAG is a Quality Control of India (QCI) accredited body.
By virtue of being an empanelled body of the DGE&T, any candidate assessed by MSAG and having qualified, would be eligible for a “National Council of Vocational Certificate (NCVT)” a Government of India certifying body.The certificate is valid pan India and is also accepted abroad.
Mission Statement
  • The Mission of MSAG is to Become a Premier Organization in the Field of Training, Assessment & Evaluation.
  • In the Field of Assessments MSAG Aspires to be Identified as the Premier Nationally Accredited Assessing Body by Bringing in Well-Tested Processes, Reliability, Integrity and Honesty in Conduct of Assessments Under the MES Scheme Leading to Credible Crtification Acceptable to the Industry.
Objectives of MSAG are :-
  • To Provide Consultancy to Organizations to Conceptualize, Design, Develop and Implement the Training Model Required by them to Meet their Organizational Needs.
  • Become the Prime Provider of Customized, Composite, Training Frame Works with Organizational Objectives Including Well Defined Benchmarked Occupational Standards, Trainer and Learner Support Material, Assessments and Evaluation Services.
  • Become the Prime Provider of Outsource Training, Evaluation and Assessment Functions.
  • Address the Needs of Practical Skills and Knowledge for Growth, Employability and Progression.
  • Conduct Credible Assessments of MES Candidates as Per DGETs Directions.

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